REVIEWS: #Microreviews for April 2019

April 27, 2019

Launching 280 character album reviews; taken from @andymckaysmith’s twitter (‘s.

The inspiration for the initiative is inspired by Andrew McKaysmith receiving so many great releases to listen to and there isn’t anywhere near the quality time required to critically analyse albums for a traditional/ critical review. Links go to the artists Twitter page. 

Here they are for April 2019:

Pristine- Road Back To Ruin: Heidi Solheim is a gifted vocalist backed by superb blues/rock musicians. RBtR owes more to Richie Blackmore and Zeppelin than past albums. Think Deep Purple’s Machine Head with female vocal and your close.

@CurrentsCT – I Let the Devil In. Mood music for fans of metalcore? Maybe. Brutal vocals contrast against synth sounds, down tuned guitars & the usual triggered drum madness. Lots of nice picked guitar. A step forward from the last album. Is it better tho? Yes.

@Fallujahbayarea– Undying Light. Metalcore featuring blackened vocals that are bookended by superb shred guitar stanzas. Tighter arrangements than the last album. Percussion sound is monstrous. Some nice melodies emerging through the chaos.

Tryer- Ei Kuole Koskaan. Noisey punk rock types from Finland creating the kind of sound that fans of @backyardbabies and @refused might find interesting. Best thing about the album is the artwork, it’s lit!  Could I recommend it to anyone else? No, sorry guys.

@thedamnedthings– High Crimes. That band with Scott Ian from @anthrax and the bloke from @falloutboy . Almost 10 years after their last album this appears. Inoffensive & upbeat radio hard rock. Lacks character. However later day @Metallica fans could warm to this.

@imminenceswe– Turn the Light On. Movie soundtrack synth passages compliment a fine vocal overlaid metalcore guitar rhythms. They take what @30SECONDSTOMARS do and retool it for a metal audience. Solid album. It’ll be under appreciated though.

@_avantasia – Moonglow. What happens when an excellent vocalist in a German power metal outfit recruits some of the worlds greatest vocalists for his rock opera? Moonglow happens! “Maniac” from Flashdance featuring @EricMartinBand is killer.

@eluveitie– Ategnatos. Almost anything Chrigel Glanzmann has a hand in musically will be good and this album is excellent. Sprawling folk metal with enough testosterone to keep things interesting. Heavier than the previous album. A blend of their old and their new.

@GrandMagus– Wolf God. After recent events many fans ignore @MANOWAR. Good news. Traditional, mid-paced heavy metal has a new king in the established act. If you’re already a fan, congratulations. If you’re yet to become acquainted, Wolf God is the business!

@dankojones– A Rock Supreme. Early @themisfits meets Too Fast For Love @MotleyCrue  in the same rehearsal studio @RamonesOfficial used. Not really. But a great polished grarage rock album that references the most exalted, @JohnColtrane

@Enforcermetal– Zenith. The kings of non-ironic 80s heavy metal are at it again. Soaring vocals, windswept synth intro’s, widly didly guitar solos, heroic chugalug verse passages… all there. Spanish language version of the album is lit!

Alpha Wolf- Fault. What’s that alternating AM radio sounding guitar effect metalcore bands use on the riff at the breakdown? These guys are good tho. Shit comes at you quickly. Vox on point. Some seriously mean riffage. Good for them!

@cellar_darling– The Spell. If @annamurphymusic isn’t the most listenable vox in HM in 2019 pls show me who is. Ivo Henzi matches her vox with yet another impressive guitar performance. So much to like about these guys. A brilliant follow up to the fab last album.

@BattleBeast– No More Hollywood Endings. This band may have their fairytale if they keep producing magnificent dance metal (yep!) and crossover into a semi-mainstream audience. @NooraLouhimo is @BonnieTOfficial for the metal audience. Bright future!

Omenfilth- Devourer of the Seven Moons. Philippine national Willie Desamero and crew deliver a superb 90s Nordic inspired black metal battery. You can get this on cassette over at @Bandcamp! Beware Bakunawa and all hail the stench of darkness from the new lords.