September 22, 2019

Local legends Ivey assaulted Elsey last Friday. The centre of the Gold Coast’s serotonin heat map was raving to the sounds of indie pop, and the choir of swinging jaws was left voiceless after a class display from Goldy’s finest. All joking aside, Elsewhere is a large part of something important, maintaining live music on the Gold Coast and giving local bands a chance. Might be something people need to consider before knockin down landmarks and filling them with pokies. It’s been a long week.

Hot Coffee

Gold Coast natives Hot Coffee inspired punters to tear up the D-floor with their infectious brand of soul-funk hip hop. The eager crowd who rocked up early were treated.

Their latest single Golden continues to embrace the shitty dancers in all of us to at least try, unabashedly. Fan favourite Magic was treated to its usual reception.

The best tune of the whole set was without question, the unreleased belter, Back to Earth. Admittedly I was amidst a Mac Miller binge the previous couple days, but what a tune. While clearly inspired by Miller’s later albums, the tune held its own. The rapid-fire vocals took a back seat and the souly melodies spoke for all the words left unsaid. Keen to see where the track takes the band in the future.

The local boys just keep getting better. Their breed of soul hop makes a crowd dance and will hopefully, tear up dancefloors for many years to come.  Just more low octave from the VE-20 please Matt. On every song.

Book em.


The indie rock kids are shaking off their roots. After a stint at Fortitude Valley’s annual slaughter, BIGSOUND, and releasing synth pop belters Bodies, and Talk Talk, Ivey are emerging from local legends into a proper pop power. The hometown crowd gathered at a sold-out Elsewhere to witness their evolution, and the band tore the joint a new one.

Opener Won’t Be has a chorus like a leap year birthday. It’s an absolute cracker. New cut Bodies is treated to an opened-armed reception as punters unabashedly scream that chorus, which most don’t quite know the words to.

Brief rant, when Last Week was taken off Spotify, I arced up. Not fuckin happy Jan. Joking aside, what an absolute belter of a tune. One of the loudest singalongs of the night, and they’ve obviously played it once or twice. Guessing they’re under new management. Guessing it’s working.

Fan favourites Smell of Smoke and All My Friends get a crowd moving. Gorgeous. Bit of cover action coming from the natives as a rendition of Sneaky Sound System’s UFO is whipped out for a rave. Needless to say, they killed it. Fitting.

Latest release Talk Talk is easily one of Ivey’s best tracks. Being new I was unsure of how it’d be greeted. It fuckin popped off. An absolute belter of a tune and has obviously earned the band a couple new fans.

Ivey, I will always be at your shows. It’s ironic that you bark this propaganda at me every time I see you. Fan favourite Always just gets a crowd to jump. Heard the tune once or twice. Gonna have another rant. I was celebrating my birthday. One of my favourite songs was on. I was with a mate. What else do you do. Got on his shoulders. Lost my mind. What a night.

That’s Me Done

Fuckin love these bands. Get round em. Buy whatever they’re selling. And yeah, that’s me done. Cheers for the champagne Joe. T’was a cracking birthday.

You’ve made it this far.