November 21, 2019

Grinspoon played The Star Casino. It’s a bizarre world. The boys delivered an absolute masterclass to the Goldy crowd, and I dare say, for the majority of punters, they never left the joint feeling so far in front. The Grinners just don’t age, unlike the seccys at The Star Casino. No moshing? No thank you. A day on the green. Like a day … on the green. Here we go.


The boys from Brissy brought their brand of Aussie pop to the Gold Coast and killed it. Latest release Seriously got me moving, and fan favourites Neighbourhood and Instant Coffee are just belters. Can’t wait to catch the boys on the festival circuit. Such a cracking band. Get round em.

The Gooch Palms

3 is such a banging record. And it holds up live. Third time catching the duo live and they’re a good bet for a good night. As hard as it was to ignore the Newcastle Knights flag, they still smashed it. Obviously Busy Bleeding was sick, but my highlight was an oldie, Hunter Street Mall. Their a magnetic band, and I’m sure the follow button has been smashed by many Grinspoon fans over the tour. Get round em. And 1997.

The Hard Aches

The Hard Aches are a proper awesome band. Got that Hot Water Music vibe and just rip. Only knew one tune going into it, and it was sick. I Get Like This is such a tune. And credit to you Vlada for jumping round on a dodgy limb. Now love em. Keen to see them in a sweaty room with some mates.


Upon the initial three notes of Aus rock classic DCx3, the place erupted into moshing and nostalgia, as the Gold Coast crowd submitted to the power of the Grin. Pat and Joe’s Riffs resonated like nothing ever had through the Casino theatre, and the seccys sighed in unison as they realised, we can’t stop them.

A diverse crowd marvelled at the impending masterclass. The boys launched into another classic, Lost Control. The soundtrack to all barbeques, Origin nights, GFs, and a countless amount of drunken stupidity. Punters let loose and re-visited the glory days.

Just Ace. I’ve almost died to this song twice. Neither time was at a Ginspoon concert. I’m not concerned. Just slightly worried about that age-old saying about the third time. Boys this song is special.


Pedestrian. I’m worried this review is gonna go for fuckin pages because they only played classics. A top-five Grinspoon tune and an all-time Australian music staple. A dedicated crowd of headless chooks managed to all collectively stop for two seconds to hail, Happy Birthday.

Hottest 100 alumni Hard Act to Follow brought the Goldy crowd out of the first couple albums and set the mood for some singalongs. Wasting no time, the Grinners launched into a tune heard at least daily in every pub on the east coast of Australia, No Reason. The change in pace was perfect, as the devoted crowd screamed, NEED YOU TO SEE THAT YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME.

Keeping with the fourth record vibes, Better Off Alone made the mob sway, but we needed some fuckin octane. Ready 1 is what we needed, and it’s what we got. Another classic.


I didn’t think Phil Jamieson could get any cooler. I was wrong. That solo performance of Sweet as Sugar in the middle of a fuckin near capacity Casino theatre was the most badarse thing I’ve ever witnessed. Please release a stripped back version of the track on some sort of anniversary vinyl boys. Please.

INXS’s Don’t Change rounded out the set as a poetic closer. And if Michael can’t belt it out, I’m glad Phil can. The boys went off and the crowd of grinners were left in awe. But the tour was called Chemical Hearts.

Back on. Chemical Heart, Champion, More Than You Are. That’s your fuckin top three.

There were some very sore necks the next day. I’m 19. I hate to think what some of the other moshers felt like. Phil, Joe, Pat, Kris, that was class. Cheers Grinners. Much love.

That’s Me Done

Listen to Grinspoon. If you don’t, I’m probably going to struggle to converse with you. If that doesn’t bother you. Get fucked.