Review: Surf Trash – Friends

August 21, 2019

Not too long ago I was flicking down Instagram. Scattered amongst the usual stuff was the Surf Trash boys asking fans for photos with them and the band. Not long after, the trio drop their best tune to date, coupled with an artwork of a single cover, and inspire every millennial to buy a van and fuck off for a while. It’s a ripper.

Reminiscent of a sun-bleached-Fidlar, the casual surfy aesthetic of the tune is established right out of the gate. Makes you just want to dance. The groovy instrumentation coupled with the now compulsory OHHHHH-OHHHHH melody, rips.

“I want to see your name next to mine, but you never put your body on the line.” Is a relatable sentiment. Love the repetition of the pre-chorus hook, coupled with the tom-driven drum beat. But the chorus is where the tune gets its value.

“I need to get get get away/I need to see the light/Light of another day”. This chorus is Hottest 100 shit. Gang vocals are awesome. We can foresee many lost voices for the boys’ expected growing fanbase.

Second pre-chorus is sick. Acoustic guitar provides a nice juxtaposition to the surf rock vibes. Furthermore, it emphasises the emotion of the pre-chorus refrain.

Another chorus just as good as the last. So bloody good, before jamming out the tune’s sentiment with a pulsing, gang vocal driven, driving down the coast-line implying hook, “Get away/I need to get away/I need to get away”.

Don’t really need to get too heavy on the lingo. Ripper tune boys. Hope to be hearing new music shortly. Tour?

Surf Trash – Friends

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