INTERVIEW: Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation

February 1, 2019

The singer from Dutch symphonic metal titans Within Temptation is pleased that her ethereal vocal can be heard loud and clear on the bands brand new album for 2019, Resist.

Sharon den Adel is that long serving vocalist. Having released seven studio albums under the Within Temptation banner, numerous other releases as well as an excellent yet overlooked solo album in 2018, she is well placed to offer considered commentary.

den Adel says that on previous albums, there has been an opportunity to further refine the balance between her vocal and the bands massive soundscapes, however on Resist, they may have nailed it.

“I must say that it has been a challenge throughout the years to get that right balance because in the past it was always like I was drowning in between the guitars and the orchestral (arrangements) and stuff like that,” said den Adel.

“But now we found a different balance between things and also working with new people. Again, it gets a different perspective on how to go about it and put the first time. I’m really, really happy also how the album sounds”.

The album is a stunning accomplishment given the band is in their 23rd year of existence; den Adel is correct in her proclamation that the musical balance is present (tip- listen to Resist with a pair of good headphones), so what aspect of the album offers the band the greatest source of satisfaction overall?

“… it’s always a nice pleasure if everybody can see the whole picture of the whole album. And I think it’s… I always love it when the whole album’s being released and reading the first reactions and everything, getting feedback on what people think,” said den Adel.

“Of course, we’ve seen it with the (reaction to the) first five songs live and that’s been already good, (it) gave us a really good indication which songs will work live”

Resist has been available since December 14, 2018. Follow this link: to listen.

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