INTERVIEW: Taime Downe from Faster Pussycat

February 1, 2019

Faster Pussycat and Prong are two bands that fans of hard rock would never confuse, however the fate of both bands almost crossed if the latter bands then bassist had his way.

Taime Downe is the frontman, foundation member and occasional guitarist in Faster Pussycat, and it was through his friendship with the sadly deceased Prong/ Ministry/ Swans bassist Paul Raven that fans may have seen this unusual pairing.

If it had not been for a busy schedule, who knows what may have happened!

“(Raven) was trying for years to get me in Prong because I’ve known Tommy (Victor- Prong vocalist/ guitarist) … when I came back from Chicago and stuff, Paul was trying. We hung out a lot, me and Paul, he was constantly trying to get me to play guitar with Prong,” said Downe.

“But I was busy doing different shit and Tommy was like ‘He’s a glam rocker!’, so we always give each other shit but we always had a joke and shit…  but me and Tommy always got along fucking awesome too.”

Downe’s busy schedule can be attributed to the formation of the The Newlydeads, an outfit that bears the hall marks of his time in Chicago associating with the likes of Trent Reznor (NIN) and others within the Pigface and Wax Trax! Records circle.

The reason for the conversation with Downe is to talk up Faster Pussycat’s tour of Australia this February. The band have been busy in the United States so fans can look forward to the band performing as a well-oiled machine in Australia.

“We play all the time. We’re always playing. We just played New Year’s Eve at the Whiskey. We did a couple of shows in Texas. We were out most of the summer,” said Downe

“We constantly tour, so we’re not just doing this just to go to Australia, which is nice, I wish we can get to do it every year.”

Catch the band live as they perform fan favoured and classic cuts!

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