NEWS: IBOGA GAZEBO Release New Single ‘Twenty Third Eye’

April 25, 2020

The Debut single from IBOGA GAZEBO, ‘Twenty Third Eye’, is the first single lifted from the upcoming album Dose Age. ‘Twenty Third Eye’ is an ethereal and evocative tune, highlighted by the stunning vocals of Kim Yang.

Listen On Spotify: HERE or YouTube: HERE

Dose Age at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 and was engineered by multi-Grammy winner Daryl Thorp.

Twenty Third Eye is about climbing a mountain and happening upon a nest of spiders in a sunny nook. The observer soon realises that they are not hostile and any phobias are now neutralised and so the story segues into personal reflection re intimacy and observation on society re human frailty specifically the negative destructive tendencies and the realisation that these Dysfunctions are absent in nature.

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