December 28, 2019

Less than 24 hours away, Best Night Ever is expected to demolish the laneways of Miami Marketta. The recently foggy Gold Coast skies have cleared, and all bets are on for an absolute cracker day. Come send off the year with some cracking music, great mates, and excessive amounts of beer.

The Markets

Disclaimer: No bets will be accepted or paid out. If you are an absolute cannon, feel free to submit a bet to Acc Number: Any string of 8 numbers & BSB: Any series of 6 numbers divided by as many hyphens as you feel necessary, at your own risk. I’m not liable for your actions.

Loudest Singalong

Win/Place – Quinella – Exacta – Trifecta – First Four

Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs           $1.14

Skegss – Up In The Clouds      $1.76

Skegss – New York California $2.52

The Chats – Smoko                 $3.46

Press Club – Suburbia             $4.98

The Chats – I Hope Scott Morrison’s House Burns Down $6.55

Skegss – Save It For The Weekend $8.84

Press Club – Headwreck         $9.95

Bad//Dreems – Gutful            $11.52

Ruby Fields – P Plates             $17.90

The Chats – Pub Feed             $27.86

Any Like A Version –                $35.00

The Bennies – Party Machine $48.90

Clowns – Bland Is The New Black $54

Radolescent – Drug Fiend       $81.00

Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday $81.00

Any Song Not By Skegss – $2.19                     Any Song Not By Ruby Fields – $2.19


An Artist To Play Their Like A Version – Fixed Win/Multi

Ruby Fields                              $1.19   Win – Box

Press Club                               $3.65   Win – Box

Bad//Dreems                          $11      Win – Box

The Bennies                            $25      Win – Box

Skegss                                     $51      Win – Box

Clowns                                    $101    Win – Box

Best On Ground Performance (B.O.G)

Any patron attending can apply to compete in the BOG market*

Winner to reach BOG status during:

Skegss set                    $1.19

The Chats set              $5.98

Being Jane Lane set    $6.45

Ruby Fields Set            $11

The Bennies                $11.50

Press Club                   $26

Bad//Dreems              $54

Clowns                        $61

Radolescent set          $74


*Terms and Conditions

  • There will be no prizes for winning
  • There will also be no recognition
  • You must consume the majority of your grog in cans of beer
  • You must refer to craft beer as both perfume, and flowers at least twice throughout the day
  • You must not complain about the cost of alcohol
  • You must only be consuming alcohol

-That’s Me Done-

The Gold Coast is in for an absolute treat tomorrow. Celebrate our local music scene and pour back a couple of turps in the process. I’ll be running around competing for that BOG title, so swing by and say G’day.

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