December 10, 2019

It’s that time of the year again, when the Goldy gets some lovin. The sun-bleached hair wearers, over-priced craft-beer drinkers, and the often-overlooked music lovers are gearing up for an absolute rave upon the laneway of Miami Marketta.  Now boasting a complete lineup including Skegss, Ruby Fields, Goldy boys Radolescent, and heaps more, Best Night Ever is lining up to be the best Saturday of the year, so don’t fuckin miss it.


The Bands

Press Club

I love an underdog. And after looking at the bill, Press Club are my bet. Hot off the heels of a mammoth 2019, this mob have proven themselves as an Aussie music front-runner. Fan favourite’s Headwreck and Suburbia will bang as usual, and all fingers are crossed for a rendition of New Year’s Eve. Watch em’ have the entire joint screaming I CAN’T RELATE I CAN’T RELATE, and don’t be surprised when Nat and the boys destroy the stage, and no one else can play.


If you haven’t heard of these boys, I don’t know why you’re reading this. But you can stop now. After having a look around the US, riding the wave of their cracker 2018 album My Own Mess, and releasing their only 2019 vintage, Save It For The Weekend, Skegss are prepped to orchestrate an Aus music masterclass for the Goldy punters. Quite delicious I’d like to think, and I recon we can chuck Up In The Clouds and New York California into the market for loudest singalong of the night, at $1.75 and $2.05 respectively.

Ruby Fields

Massive year for the Britney Spears impersonator. After releasing EP Permanent Hermit, Fields smashed a massive Splendour set, cracked Like A Version, sold out a bunch of shows, and brokeout of the emerging artist title into a fully-fledged headliner. I caught her set at Splendour, and it slapped harder than a boomer after a few rums. In my professional bookmaker opinion, Dinosaurs is definitely the favourite for loudest singalong of the night at $1.15. Runs well at the track, conditions look good.

The Chats

Caught these boys back in January, and judging by the worldwide sell out shows, festival billing all over the place, and a couple of 2019 vintages, they’re going to be just as good as they were last sitting. Tunes Pub Feed and Identity Theft have been adopted by the audience of Chatters, and Smoko is definitely in the running for loudest singalong of the night. Just letting you know boys, the best pub feed on the coast is the ribs and/or schnitty and gravy at the Lonestar Tavern Mermaid Waters, conveniently located 2.5km North-West of Miami Marketta.


Yes, show the local boys some love. Radolescent will tear through almost any Gold Coast band in true Drug Fiend fashion. Debut album Prehab saw the boys travel round the joint a bit with a supporting tour. They’re opening the festival, and if you don’t swing round early to watch em, I think you need to rearrange your priorities in life.

The Bennies

With a perfect timeslot to give the conservative punters a good kick up the backside, Anty and the boys should have the Goldy crowd jumping round, in a potentially rambunctious fashion no worries. Loved Natural Born Chillers, and Wisdom Machine was evidently a huge success for the boys. I’ve just got one question, are you on the drug, Ol’ man Anty?


After releasing their best-produced record yet, Nature/Nurture, and hitting the century (100 shows in a year) earlier in the year, Stevie and the boys are about as ready as you can be to dictate the best mosh of the festival. The hardcore and punk vibes are best suited to their indoor stage timeslot, and I’m sure many a sweaty punter is going to mosh to their highest potential. If a near 150 shows in a year is not an indication that they’re gonna fuckin rip, what is?

Being Jane Lane

2019 has been a seminal year for the girls. Album Savage Sunday proved that the Brisbanites are one of Australia’s grittiest up and coming acts. With relentless touring and some play from the Js, Teigan and co.’s closing timeslot, should have the Goldy crowd grooving to their punky vibes, before going to kick on at the Burleigh Hotel.


After releasing their latest record, Doomsday Ballet, the band are well into gear to rip through a Goldy worthy performance. Been a while between drinks since my last Bad//Dreems show in 2017, but if that’s anything to go off, they’re gonna hit harder than the fuckening on Christmas.

That’s Me Done

There are 200 tickets left. Grab one. Send off 2019 with some Aussie music, lots of mateship, tons of screaming and copious amounts of Young Henry’s. I’ll see ya there.

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