December 17, 2018

Annalisa Fernandez is the artist better known as TRQS, a truly gifted singer and songwriter from Melbourne. She made The A List Online’s inaugural top 25 of 2018 with the epic “MVIII” (One ’18), which presented an opportunity to reach out to her publicist and seek a chat with the chanteuse.

Given the quality of Fernandez’s take on RnB, what’s the plan on how best to spread the TRQS gospel?

“I think just getting more blogs on board and promoting (the music) as much as I can. I think it is hard, especially because the scene in Australia is very indie, and (youth-oriented broadcaster) Triple J and things like that (are) more on the alternative side of things and the RnB and hip hop is kind of a little more underground, especially in Melbourne when it comes to original stuff. So, I guess just keep working at it.”

It’s not always easy for emerging artists to break into platforms that will give them an opportunity to share their music. Austereo Radio Network (e.g. B105 – Brisbane 105.3 MHz and Fox FM – Melbourne 101.9 MHz) still represent a choice opportunity that many artists would be thrilled to hear their music be played on… so what are Fernandez’s and her teams’ thoughts on how to flag the attention of programmers?

“I really don’t know…” Cue a round of laughter, as it is a question that has been asked of many independent artists who have provided a similar response.

The press blurb that (Sydney-based PR and Label Services agency) Good Intent emailed mentioned the “… sultry vibes of artists like Jorja Smith and Kehlani”, however I’m willing to stake that many readers won’t be familiar with those artists. Who has inspired Fernandez in her journey as an artist?

“One is just like listening to a bunch of other artists and the melodies that I love, even just the production of it all. Artists like H.E.R. (Gabriella Wilson), Alina Baraz and Daniel Caesar and they’re also super-young as well, like around my age. I think people like that who are just on a completely whole-other level, lyrically speaking. I don’t like to usually say what artists inspire me because then I see people would just put me with them as if I’m trying to sound like them. I’m not trying to be them.

I also get inspired by people around me and through situations or I might be writing about someone who’s having problems… also just everyday stuff so that I can make it relatable I think for everyone. But yeah, I get inspiration from really random things.”

As for what the future may hold, it’s likely that many wonderful opportunities for Fernandez to record and perform will be available. 2018 has been hectic and she recognises the many challenges to ensuring the quality of her work is world-class.

“I feel like releasing music takes so much time and work, so it’s been good. But balancing everything can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.”

There are few things I enjoy more than discovering an artist who has been releasing music only for a short time, truly enjoying that music and recognising that the artist is still in the varsity stages of their career as they surely have a bright future on the horizon as a recording and performing artist. TRQS is an exceptional artist and a wonderful example of great Australian music in 2018/19!

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